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Aretour constantly explore the traditional Chinese cuisines and culture, and optimize and innovate it, with a pragmatic heart to provide the real needed products for the market.
At the same time, Aretour adheres to the long-term cooperation business philosophy, which based on value added.We firmly believe that only through win-win cooperation can sustainable development be achieved.

I. Price terms

   3.Currency: US dollar or CNY

II. Payment terms

   1.T/T to HK account for USD, CNY is without limit
   2.Alipay or Wechat
   3.Western Union

III. Transportation

   1.Air/Water/Land for large cargo and bulk
   2.Express for samples
   3.Land generally: Regions around China
   4. Door to Door from China (Some specific regions), Free of customs clearance. 

IV. Lead time & Delivery

   1.Lead time
       (1) Samples: 1 day
       (2) Bulk order: 3 days - 5 days
       (1) Express: 3 days - 5 days
       (2) Air/Water/Land: 10 days - 15 days

V. Samples

   1.Sample is available, price of sample is equivalent to bulk order.
   2.Fee will be charged but will be deducted from the bulk order


   1.Sample & Bulk order: NO MOQ. Any quantity is available.
       (1) MOQ : 5000pcs
       (2) Design of OEM Package: Design of the package is required.
       (3) Cost of OEM Packages: The production cost of packing would be charged additional.
       (4) Remaining packaging: The remaining packaging would be shipped back to the destination or kept for future orders.

VIII. After-sales service

   1.During the warranty period, Aretour will compensate ALL THE LOSS of the product if there is any quality problem.
   2.The loss may be offset by the goods or discounts on the following orders. (Recommended)
   3.Cash compensation for losses is also acceptable, but cross-border transfers may incur extra banking fees

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