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How to choose and buy headlamp?

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I. How to choose and buy headlamp?
The choice of lamps and lanterns is a more troublesome problem, function, price, weight, volume, universality and even appearance can affect your final decision, so speak from the most basic need, specific how to choose specific lamps and lanterns below specific time, specific environment.
1. Consider the purpose
A. if you can't go along, also do not need to use it to search the water at night, just in the camp leisurely dinner, you don't have to use the lamps and lanterns of is too complex, this situation in the most simple of LED lamps and lanterns is enough, and lighting time is long, the use of economic, convenient and compact enough, the most popular 25 pieces of 5 LED small head lamp is the choice of cheap, all kinds of ordinary little light is good also, but sometimes the best DIY small head band).
B. If you are often in the field, you may have to experience driving on mountain roads in the rain at night. In this case, you must have an incandescent light source lamp with sufficient brightness.If you're looking to save some money, domestic faux-L flashlights and some domestic headlights are OK, but their weight and size are simply too large for their brightness.
C. If you are going to take a long trip, you will need both sufficient lighting time and the necessary lighting intensity. Having two different types of lamps with different batteries may be a bit frustrating, so dual-light lamps are your best choice.
2. Consider the environment
In general outdoor environment, the particularity of lamps and lanterns is not very high, but in some special environment, we must adapt the medicine to the case.
A. winter
Battery performance suffers at low temperatures. Unless you have the strength to carry enough spare batteries, the best choice for northern winter or snowy mountain environments is a dual-light source lamp with an external battery case. You must be aware that the headlight can be operated easily even with heavy gloves.
B. diving
Submersible lamps emphasize absolute water resistance and reliability, sufficient lighting time and high brightness requirements, preferably with a spare bulb that can be used immediately.The volume and weight of the requirements are not very harsh, the use of handheld lamps and lanterns flexibility is better.
C. caving
Cave to deal with the environment is more dangerous, running water, falling rocks and other requirements of the headlamp must have strong waterproof characteristics, of course, it should also be convenient to combine with the helmet, calcium carbide lamp for a long time to explore in this temporary do not do.In order to deal with the unimaginable dilemma caused by the sudden extinguish of the bulb in the process, it is convenient to turn on the second light source in time. Dual light source is the most appropriate, but the range of LED is obviously not enough, so the headlamp of Dual Light Bowl Dual Haliogen bulb has a useful place.
D. the search
If it is used for outdoor rescue, search use, no doubt brightness, range is placed in the first place, then usually will make two kinds of sacrifice choice: sacrifice weight and volume;Or they can trade the life of the bulb for brightness, or the durability of the bulb for compact size.
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II. Headlamp selection matters needing attention
1. Brightness problem
The higher the brightness is, of course, the better, and the greater the irradiation range is, the better, but for the irradiation distance, as long as more than 100 meters is enough, too far to the eyes can not see clearly (except for special purposes).
2. Headlamp weight problem
For a single battery weight is not very obvious, but more than 2 lithium batteries, wear for a long time the head will have a sense of pressure, very uncomfortable, try to choose a single or additional battery pack.
3. The lighting duration of the headlamp is a problem
Regular buyers of headlights are very clear that they want to last as long as possible, do not need to recharge frequently, and no longer run out of power at critical moments;However, the headlight's duration is limited, but it can last for 8-10 hours, because the brightness is not good and the battery's capacity needs to add multiple pressure sensors accordingly, which increases.
4. Charging time problem
If the capacity of the headlamp battery is increased without increasing the output current of the charger, the charging time will be doubled, so when choosing a high-capacity battery, choose a high-current charger.
5. Headlamp waterproof performance problem
General is the general rainwater, if really diving most are hung, so in the purchase of time to understand more, according to their own needs to buy.
6. headlamp elastic band problem
Like every day to wear on the head of the user, no matter how durable material will be loose, so when the choose and buy can buy more.
7. headlamp close distance problem
Headlamp irradiation distance is OK, but close distance is unbearable, light spot is very messy uneven and black hole, as for this problem in addition to the focal length of the headlamp and PC cover is no other way to solve, in the purchase to think about the requirements you need.
8. the life of the headlamp
Some buy home with less than 2 months or half a year on the hang, a good headlamp, are guaranteed for 1 or 2 years.

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