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The distinction between police flashlight and ordinary flash

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I. The characteristics of the police flashlight
Police flashlight is one of the important single police equipment, the front end with offensive spines, can play the role of attack pain uniform, flash function can also make the gangster temporarily blind dizziness in a short time, play a certain role in self-defense.The shell is made of aeronautical aluminum and anodized. The product has the functions of waterproof, explosion-proof, seismic and compression resistance.
II. The difference between the police flashlight and ordinary flashlight
1, fall resistance.Used ordinary flashlight knows, flashlight once falling from the sky, it is easy to cause casing damage, serious can cause light completely broken, but relative to the torch, it is more durable, strong light flashlight is outside layer of the resin, not traditional incandescent lamp used in the glass, so the seismic ability is better, even if is high in the sky, also won't break.
2. Defensive.The flashlight used by police is made of solid materials and can shine bright light on bad people's glasses for self-defense.For example, at night, when a police officer is attacked by a gangster or lawbreakers, a police officer can use a flashlight to "blind" the gangster from a distance, so that the police officer can easily subdue him.
3, long-term.The police strong light flashlight adopts the new imported high power LED solid state light source, high efficiency and long life, low consumption and energy saving, the life is up to 100,000 hours.And the life of ordinary flashlight generally up to about 500 hours, far less than strong light flashlight.
4. Efficiency.The police strong light flashlight adopts high storage lithium ion memory battery, good charge-discharge performance, high capacity, low self-discharge rate, high and low temperature resistance, high humidity performance is good, can be used in all kinds of harsh environmental conditions.Ordinary flashlights are economical, but in other respects they are much inferior to flashlights.
5. Appendability.A police flashlight can be easily and quickly attached to a variety of firearms using a variety of accessories, and a special filter can filter out visible light.For example, at night when someone else uses the flashlight, you can't see the light at all, but the other person can see their light in the goggles and you can see it clearly, while you turn on the regular flashlight and you have already revealed your target.

III. Pay attention to the use of police flashlight
1, do not take the light directly into the eyes of the person, the stronger light will cause permanent damage to the eyes.
2, the lamp holder is strictly prohibited to disassemble, so as not to cause damage to the reflective cup or bulb.
3, such as the bulb can not keep the high brightness, please replace the battery to charge, to avoid excessive discharge and lead to damage to the battery.
4. Wipe the flashlight with a clean soft cloth after use.
5. When not in use, remove the battery and keep it in a cool place.
IV. Police flashlight selection standards
1, high-grade flashlights are generally used to do the light source LED, of course, except HID.The barrel body is made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy and other metal materials.
2, the length of the battery life, mainly depends on the size of the light source power consumption, the size of the battery power and the size of the driving circuit current to determine, any brand is the same.The world's first American Shenhuo, its various models of flashlight endurance time is also a different length.
3, from the use of choice, like the choice of outdoor flashlight, you need to consider the portability and long battery life and other characteristics;When choosing a tactical flashlight, you need one that can accomplish your tactical mission requirements, and some performance choices are more demanding than others.

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